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Aprilia RS660 Öhlins Steering Damper & Mount Kit

Aprilia RS660 Öhlins Steering Damper & Mount Kit

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Aprilia RS660 AKRF Steering Damper Mount Kit & Öhlins Universal Steering Damper Stroke 68 SD001. 

This Öhlins steering damper is renowned globally and provides riders with optimal control as they traverse their course, serving as a security enhancement to decrease potentially hazardous handlebar movements and minimize unwanted steering instability. Its top-tier operation enables a reduced risk of abrupt handlebar movement or oscillation.

Enjoy endless rides thanks to the increased stability and steering feedback which in turn reduces fatigue. Form meets function as this steering damper is not only easy on the eyes, but instils rider confidence no matter the circumstance.

  • Unique, well proven design
  • Pressurized fluid avoids problem of free play
  • Adjustable in 16 well defined clicks
  • Fully serviceable
  • Improved riding experience
  • Mounted outside of the fork leg or across the frame behind the triple clamp. (Check mounting instructions for details)


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