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BrakeTech CobraMXr Billet Iron Rear Rotor, KTM/Husky

BrakeTech CobraMXr Billet Iron Rear Rotor, KTM/Husky

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Special AKRF package: Rotor AND Ferodo pads!

The new CobraMX Billet Iron rear race rotor kits are like nothing you’ve seen before! This ground breaking technology for top level Offroad Racing and MX heralds from our years of extensive background in roadracing. Unlike the gray cast iron brake rotors in your car or truck which are individually molded, the BrakeTech billet iron series is machined from U.S. spec nodular iron billet (aka ductile iron). Ductile iron has a substantially higher tensile strength than gray iron which in combination with its higher yield strengths is similar to AISI 1040 steel. Also features a microstructure that resists thermal stress induced fracturing well beyond the limits of gray iron. Combine this with its inherent Thermal Conductivity advantage and the compatible Ferodo SinterGrip SG rear race pads and you end up with a premium rear brake system the provides the following and more:



CobraMX race iron system provides a higher coefficient of friction than stainless steel

CobraMX race spec billet iron delivers greater feedback and control at the brake pedal, increasing the overall effectiveness of the rear brake

CobraMX rear iron brake system improves the thermal stability via higher thermal conductivity

CobraMX rear iron brake rotors are Cryogenically treated for improved wear characteristics & consistent performance

CobraMX rear iron race rotors employ high tech black zinc plating to minimize rust on the non-pad sweep areas


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