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BrakeTech Axis Full Floating Rotor, FS/SMR

BrakeTech Axis Full Floating Rotor, FS/SMR

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BrakeTech Cobra™ SS series extreme performance stainless steel rotors are designed for the demanding enthusiasts and racers alike! The Cobra full-floaters feature premium / proprietary 400 series stainless steel alloy, heat-treated in a optimized petal design that offers style and performance with none of the downside associated with exaggerated wave type rotors. The patented AXIS Design bristles with many new and innovative features making them substantially stronger and with much improved thermal transfer capabilities than any other competitive brand.

{Ventilated SS pistons, M50 Service Kits, AND Titanium hardware are available through AKRF and sold separately.}


17+ FS450/SMR 450
310mm x 6mm Cobra SS SuperMoto w/ Hard Anodized Carrier, LH ea


  • Patented AXIS Design featuring Direct-Link™ load transfer system
  • CRYOGENIC treatment for greater wear resistance
  • Improved thermal transfer capabilities
  • Optimized Petal design for lighter weight
  • Carriers are CNC machined from premium grade billet aluminum bar – not stamped plate
  • Hard-anodized to military grade specifications
  • Made in the U.S.A.



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