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Speedcell 5.0Ah Superbike Battery

Speedcell 5.0Ah Superbike Battery

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The newest generation of the original Lithium Motorsports Battery has arrived. The 5.0Ah Superbike is built keeping the same fundamental attributes at its core; lightweight, powerful, and high capacity in a small package.

Speedcell's 5.0Ah Superbike is housed in a high strength Nylon Carbon Matrix hull that is sealed using UL rated conformal encapsulate.

The UL-94-V-0 rating established by the Standard for Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliance on our encapsulate guarantees safety as any burning from an ignition event will stop within 10 seconds.

The Speedcell Superbike also comes with an IP rated expansion port, MILSPEC wiring, and high grade cylindrical mil-grade cells.

Making our batteries one of the safest Lithium solutions on the market.

Kit Includes:

(1) 5.0Ah Superbike Battery
(1) Universal Ring Terminal Harness
(1) Sticker Pack
(1) Warranty Registration Card

Technical Specs:

Supports: 600cc-1200cc Street Use (600cc-1400cc Racing Applications)

Capacity: 5.0Ah @ 13.2VDC

Discharge Profile: 240A Pulse @10 sec / 100A Continuous (above 12.0VCD)

Charge Method:
STD: 1.0A @14.4VDC x 240min
Rapid: 5.0A @ 14.4VDC x 48min

Weight and Size:
11.43cm (L) x 5.9436cm (W) x 7.95cm (H) / 4.5in (L) x 2.34in (W) x 3.13in (H)

.953kg / 2.2lbs

 Made in America

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